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About Ellen Thorpe

Nature Inspired Silver Jewellery -

I've lived in North Wales for most of my life, and it is one of my favourite places in the world. I'm never short on inspiration, you don't have to go far to be surrounded by nature, and I love to spend my time walking or wild swimming in one of the many lakes, rivers or sea.

I was brought up to have a interest in wildlife and plants, and to draw plants and flowers that we had in the garden. This interest became fascination the more I developed my creative skills, and I begun drawing more intricate illustrations of the organic forms I could find, especially seed pods.

This is where my obsession with pods began!

Swimming in Lake Padarn North Wales.jpg
Ellen Thorpe red glass beads.jpg

Though it wasn't until my third year of university that I was introduced to silver and discovered what a wonderful material it was to work with! Since then I have developed my collection of jewellery to be a stylised expression of those organic forms.

Handmade Glass Beads -

All of the glass beads in my work are made by hand in my workshop, which allows me complete control over the colour and shape of the glass. I really love using glass in my work as the shapes are beautiful and organic, as well as the colours being vibrant! It also means that I can accept commissions for any colour or design as I have control over the whole making process!

Lampworking is also a incredibly therapeutic process. The glass melts in the flame to a beautiful liquid state, where you can control and manipulate it into the shape that you desire. It's a very different way of working to that of working with metal, which in itself is exciting!

I also teach Glass Bead Making Workshops, where you can spend a day learning the intricacies of shaping and forming molten glass, and leave with your own collection of colourful glass beads! 

If you're interested in coming and making your own glass beads in beautiful North Wales click here for more details.

Made to Last -

My silver jewellery is made with a lot of patience and attention to detail and often polished to a mirror finish, to help reflect the beautiful colours of the glass.

Organic Colourful Silver and Glass Pendant

Each piece is designed with comfort in mind, so that they can all be worn every day, as well as being special occasion jewellery.  I've always thought that every day is worth wearing something pretty that makes you smile! 

Quality is an integral part of my business, and I love creating pieces that will last a lifetime!

My work is also available to purchase from these lovely Galleries

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