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I make all the glass used in my jewellery by hand, which gives me complete control over the shape and the colour of the pieces I use.

Ellen Thorpe Organic Glass Beads

Recently I have been testing my glass skills by experimenting with making larger pieces and combining and mixing colours. This has given me the chance to learn more about the material, and try out some new techniques. The result is a collection of lovely colourful organic pieces, that wouldn't look out of place in a rockpool or coral reef. I intend to continue this project to make sure I'm always learning and developing my glass skills.

Glass Eyes

The first of these glass eyes was created accidentally. I was working with layering different glass colours over one another to create the interesting crackling patterns you can see below. The black glass makes this effect stronger so I added some black and it became an eye! These have been great fun to make and I have been commissioned to design some for other artists to use in their work. I also set them in silver to make some unusual necklaces, rings and brooch pins. When someone orders one of these I send them a photo of all the eyes I have in stock and they can pick their favourite. As you can see each one is unique!

Glass Workshops

Come and learn how to make your own glass beads! Click          to find out more!

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