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Colourful Jewellery - How to choose the perfect colour for your silver and glass jewellery

Colourful Glass Beads for my Silver and Glass Jewellery

How to choose the perfect colour for your silver and glass jewellery...

I started making glass beads and cabochons (glass without a hole all the way through) over 7 years ago. The reason I began was because I was looking for a very specific shape of stones to set in my jewellery, but couldn’t find something just right. I also love that I have complete control over the colours that I can offer in my jewellery collections - even just my core colours usually have a few shades of each colour for you to pick from.

However, I realise that offering lots of different colour options can be a bit overwhelming, so if you’re thinking of buying some silver and glass jewellery here’s where I recommend you start when it comes to colour selection…

- What is your favourite colour or colours?

I know, you potentially haven’t been asked this question since primary school, and it seems a bit of an obvious one. But if you have a favourite few colours then this narrows it down considerably. I have so many glass colours in my workshop that there’s no way I could have all of them on my website, so if there is something you would like in a different colour but you don’t see it as an option, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Purple Glass Beads for Silver and Glass Jewellery

For this commission I was asked to work with purples, and the customer couldn’t decide which shade was her favourite so we went for a two-toned bead.

I created a selection of glass beads layering the purple glass over clear, milky white and opaque white, and let the customer select which colour she liked the best.

Nature Inspired Colourful Silver and Glass Earrings

She picked purple over milky white, which was also my favourite. These earrings also have a silver back plate that's been textured with a leaf skeleton, see my commissions page for more work like this.

- Are you buying your silver and glass jewellery for a special occasion?

I am always happy to take commissions for jewellery in colours that aren’t in my core colour collection. You can send me a photo of an outfit that you’re planning to wear, or even send me a piece of fabric for me to colour match. I will then get to work making a selection of beads that best match your outfit, and you can pick your favourite before I make it into a piece of colourful jewellery.

These earrings are one of my classic bead drop earring designs with custom pink glass beads.

Pink Glass and silver drop Earrings

- I know colours aren't for everyone, not to worry!

Last year I discovered a new colour of glass which is named Mockingjay Grey. It’s an absolutely beautiful transparent grey that gives off a flash of blue in the light. This glass is perfect for a less colourful but still very unique piece of silver and glass jewellery.

I also have a selection of very dark colours, that appear black until you hold them up to the light or go out in the sunshine. There honestly is something for everyone, which is why glass is my favourite material to use in my jewellery!

Grey Glass Beads

I hope this helps you feel more confident in selecting the right piece of colourful jewellery for you or your loved one! But if you have any reservations then please get in touch and I’m sure I can help you decide.

Colourful Jewellery by Ellen Thorpe



Jo Bangor
Jo Bangor
May 04, 2021

I didn't realise you had so many colours, what a great idea be able to send you a photo of an outfit to match!

Ellen Thorpe
Ellen Thorpe
May 04, 2021
Replying to

I could never have too many colours haha! 😀

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